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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday ..ugh!!

Almost to the end of another week.

I'm still not "blog" savvy so I will journal to myself and maybe someday it will be seen by millions in cyberspace.

I must talk about my Wii. I was one of the original pioneers who waited in line nearly two years ago for them to roll out. Not only did I hold WalMart hostage till I got one, I additionally had to purchase a second one that I had ordered. I subsequently sold the second nearly doubling my money. I am not a greedy bastard. It was just capitalism and craigslist at work.

Back to my Wii. I am sooooooooo addicted. It is the best purchase I could have ever made. I waited patiently until Mario Kart was released this past Spring. Ever since then my house has been a buzz with Super Mushrooms, Blue Shells raining down and my triumphant screams of joy or defeat. And the best is the WiFi connector. So now I can either play with my oldest friend down East or play one of the hot shots from Hong Kong. And Mario Kart isn't the only good thing. I love the bowling (Wii Sports or AMF) and the tennis - even though I retired after a year from tennis: self-diagnosed with a severe condition known as wii-itis. Point is: if you dont have one - get a wii as soon as you can. I grew upa baptised in the fire of pong, atari, intellivision, commodore 64, colecovision, etc - you will never be disappointed! And since I'm on the subject - AVOID the XBox 360. My friend T is on his 6th console. God Bless Bill Gates and his "red ring of death".

Looking to do some fun stuff this weekend. I just don't know. I'll probably strike out to P Park with flip video in hand. ANOTHER COOL GADGET - FLIP ULTRA! I saw where one of my fav haunts - Mayfel's - has been vandalized recently. Time to show em some love and enjoy a nice cool beverage or two!

I might even go see "The Dark Knight" again! It was fudge monkey fantastic!The best: Ledger as the most brilliant psychotic villain I have ever seen on film and the worst: the BatVoice.

Enough bitchin - my day awaits....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

In the beginning...

Today is a new day. Very similar to yesterday - but not quite like tomorrow will be.

I have been intently scouring local blogs lately. You talk about people letting it all hang out! I knew immediatley I had to part of this earth shattering medium!

Chaos drives me. I'm 39 and single. Been single for 3 years. I date occasionally but after the emotional crash of 2005, I think I'll pass on commitment for a while. I have but 2 earthly masters: my 11 year old sheltie LUCKY (cause he was born with 7 toes) and my ever enigmatic cat STORM. Both hold the keys to my kingdom. I'll throw up some pics sometime.

I hate the heat. Supposed to be 95 today. Can't take it! I keep my house a constant 69 degrees. Then when I got to work this morning, the assholes thought it would be funny to have the lobby of the hotel I work at sweltering at 88! A hotel is supposed to be an inviting CLIMATE CONTROLLED oasis - not a sweat lodge! If our warming trend continues the next few years, I'm entertaining the thought of leaving my beloved city and retreating farther north. I love Spring & Fall - it just seems like we skip those seasons now.

I hated Bele Chere this year. I love a party but the HEAT was unbearable. Hats off to the Sky Bar. I felt like I was floating - or was that the Patrone? Fried oysters were good too!

Time for a Aquafina break - Peace!