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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Here are some realy cool things I want to do here each day of the week that I found on the net. Pitch in!

Monday: "Mentor" Monday
- Highlighting and elevating those mentors from our community who shine. I'll introduce you to some and you can introduce some to me. It is really about finding those role models who inspire us to be better.

Tuesday: Tuesday "Triumphs"
- Highlighting those who have triumphed over adversity. Add your own stories of facing challenges head on and not only surviving...but thriving!

Wednesday: "Wonderful" Wednesday
- What is wonderful in your life? Why are you happy? What gives you joy? Who makes you happy? This is the place and time to cheer our lives and loves!

Thursday: "Tell It Like It Is" Thursday
- What issues matter to you? What can we do to be better? How can we elevate our own game? Let's challenge each other to take it to the next level. Joyous Praise and Gentle Criticism...all in an effort to grow.

Friday: "Friendship" Friday
- Instead of highlighting the "hate", let's "appreciate" those who are doing "their thing!" Whether it is leading, creating, or simply shining in their own right. Let's shout them out.

Saturday: "Satisfied" Saturday
- A celebration of "Love", funny, joyous anecdotes of how the man or woman in our lives shows us love.

Sunday: "Simply Blessed" Sunday
- Your personal testimony to at least one blessing that you've had in the past week.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


It has been a long time since I've updated.

I still can't believe in the worst economy of my life that I have got the best job I have ever had. I owe it all to GOD.

I have connected over the last several months with an astounding group from church that has not only encouraged me to be a better man but a true witness to GOD's GRACE. For that I am truly indebted to my brothers and sisters at BWOC, especially Pastors' Nate & Michelle.

I still sin. I am not perfect. I have learned through the WORD and Pastor Nate's message that I am still part of the KINGDOM and I will strive daily to please my HOLY FATHER.

Back to me...

It's been tough lately. New job. New responsibilities. But I am rising and I victorious. My setbacks will not deter me from my higher goal. It's just gonna get tougher in the next three weeks before the hotel opens. But you know what? I am ready for anything that gets hurled at me.

I still have my old weaknesses. This is tough. But when GOD whispered to me and I actually LISTENED - its no big deal anymore. I still freak out occasionally. My animals drive me totally batshit constanly. But - them being part of my family - I accept it completely. Cursing is a HUGE component of the "Old Will". Please don't get offended. Pray that I don't and I'm trying to stop.

The weather has been great. I love Spring. I hope Summer doesn't rush in to quickly.

I'm looking to my oldest friend N coming into town this weekend. He owes me a wiimote. I hope we can find a hip joint downtown for some catchin up!