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Friday, January 30, 2009

The Soup

Winter without snow sucks. Short days, cold winds, dry skin and chapped lips - and still no snow. I watched the news this morning and saw the 200 or so people camping out for Phish tix at the civic center. I know they're feeling the cramps and bone chilling temps. One question: why not use TicketMaster? It makes little to no sense to me.

Decisions. I'm really scared about a choice I'm getting ready to make. In the state of our economy, is it wise for me to swith jobs? And it is always fun when the PAST intersects the NOW. I have to believe someone is getting their rocks off watching me squirm and fret.

I know when it is all said and done, Pack Square will appeal to many. But downtown is such a mess right now. Traffic detours, construction barricades, etc = ugly Asheville. And another Bele Chere will be disrupted by this Asheville eye sore.

I'm down to only one WiiMote now. During his visit last weekend, my friend N decided the WiiMote he was using would somehow perform better with a baptism of tonic water. Alas - he has promised a replacement.

Super Bowl Sunday: having a big party at the church Breakthrough World Outreach Center. Chili cookoff should be good, but I'm going to set this competition out I think. After my last bruising, maybe I'll judge.

Can you believe a diehard Cowboys fan is pulling for the Steelers?

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I think I have now scared myself shitless! Blog, Facebook, Twitter - oh my! The end is coming - I can FEEL IT! All hands - ABANDON ship!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

rain, vodka & obama

Sorry - been away for a while. The holidays were the usual mix of long lost friends, lots of good food and drink and the random spackle of unexpectedness. I also turned 40. I should hope that somewhere in my near future I can join a drum circle in downtown and celebrate it properly.
It is raining today and if I believe the powers that be - a ton of rain is on the way.I can rememeber when a was a youngling when it would .. shh...snow. Does anyone remember the big beautiful flakes that used to fall from the sky and make everything good again? Alas - as stewards of the planet - we have bit the big one and irrevocably harmed our planet. Move north of A-ville if you want to see the good stuff again.
Perused a few blogs today. There are some really talented and twisted people here! Makes me smile. I especially would like to give a shout out to skippy haha for the perfect breakfast recipe = clamato + vodka + worcestershire = bloody clam. Can't wait to try it!
Two weeks till Inaguration Day!I'm taking the day off. It will truly be historical. Of course, if the tourism industry doesn't rise up out of the crapper, I might already be on a forced vacation.
Anybody here bout Jeb Bush exploring the road to the White House in 2012?